I.G.Y. at Marianne Boesky Gallery

Added by Ed Baynard on June 10 2010, at 9:51 pm
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  • As a painter who writes I like to make connections between the art of others and the time they lived in (the stuff of life). Todd Levin, Art Advisor and sometimes curator, has made the perfect exhibit for Art and ephemera freaks. Levin works on his premise that there was a big change in America in the late '50's. His foundation is last year's popular book "The Year Everything Changed" by Fred Kaplan. The International Geophysical Year - 1 July 1957 to 31 December 1958 - was declared as such by scientific groups because of cosmic occurrences known to happen within those dates. The point was to map the earth and study the cosmos. The space race begins. Race riots will follow. Kennedy will be elected and shot.

    This exhibit shows work that looks "as if" it is in flux --- not Ab Ex and not The POP to come - a breath before the soup can, the happening and the cartoon. I like the installation --- a book by Mailer, "Advertisements for Myself," a Miles Davis Record Album (Kind of Blue - a favorite of mine) on a fireplace, an Albers painting, and the film "Pull My Daisy" by Robert Frank and Al Leslie played on a T.V. The Jack Youngerman painting is a prize. The cultural ephemera is the glue that holds the art. My mind made connections including the realization that this is the first and therefore the best MAD MEN exhibit I have seen.

    Photo by Ed Baynard

    Boesky Gallery

    118 E.64th Street


    thru July 30th


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