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  • Shape-Sifter Pursuing the Unsavory

    (originally posted in The New York Times on January 2, 2013)

    SIPPING a soy latte at the Café Select in SoHo last week, Andrea Mary Marshall was the picture of propriety. Her name and faintly starchy manner conjured a schoolgirl in a sober gray jumper tamely reciting her catechism.

    She is all that, if only in her head. “Growing up, I wanted to be Catholic,” Ms. Marshall said. Visiting churches and admiring their ornate interiors “was an ecstatic experience for me,” she added, dressed in a severely tailored black jacket, her ash-blond hair scraped back behind her ears.

    That chaste image was glaringly at odds with the one she presents in her artwork, a series of twisted self-portraits — photographs, works on paper or canvas — in which she puffs on a fistful of cigarettes; poses as a nun, naked in a wimple; or bleeds from lacerations, symbols of the pain she suffered in past love affairs.

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