George Condo’s Slapdash Mediocrity Spoofs the Masters, Fools Co

  • George Condo at the New MuseumA recent New Yorker magazine profile about George Condo – a 54-year-old American painter widely collected by U.S. and especially European private collectors and some museums — gave equal space to his profligate lifestyle and his claims to have mastered the techniques of the Old Masters. He says he paints like the greats but applies their technical finesse to subjects of his own invention. Don’t believe it.

    A 20-foot high wall carpeted with his canvases from the last three decades is a bizarre spectacle for a major museum, even the New Museum  of Contemporary Art, where “George Condo: Mental States” closes May 8.

    George Condo, Dreams and Nightmares of the Queen, 2006, oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches
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