"Transmutation" at The Highline Loft

Added by Zev Eisenberg on March 8 2012, at 10:45 pm
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  • As the contemporary art market moves creatively forward, tech-art is on the rise.  Famed veteran artists Jenny Holzer and Jim Campbell are both sought after for their LED installations.  Fairly unknown, but equally as impressive, are the works by Teddy Lo now on display at the Highline Loft’s group exhibition “Transmutation.”   Lo’s four impressive installations exist aside, in their own separate darkened room, confronting mood, color and time.  At first the works seem fairly standard – with blinking lights and shades coexisting in various movements.  But after a second glance undiscovered elegance emerges - especially when taking in the startling piece “The Positive Void.”  Hanging on the room’s opposite end is a large square made up of four narrow panels.  It blinks in what appears to be unsynchronized rave-like blasts of colors pulsating through the space. Stepping closer the light becomes so intense that the viewer has to look away. In a turn-of-the-head images appear out of the cloud of color, only lasting a moment. Lo has managed to conjure figures and symbols (such as the globe, a skull, and George Washington’s face on America’s currency) out of small beads of light that flash out in a 3D instant.  This is an impressive trick that stretches beyond the style of works created by Lo’s more acclaimed LED peers. Other artists exhibited are Sachiko Kodama, with goo-like moving sculptures, and Ryota Kuwakubo, with a shadow experience of the Tokyo landscape. The exhibition “Transmutation”, running through March 15th, is sure illuminate all who experience its luster.  


    Transmutation, The Highline Loft, 508 West 26th Street, Suite 5G, New York, NY


    Photo of The Positive Void:IBTimes/Julia Greenberg




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