Jen Mazza: The Book

Added by Stephan Stoyanov on September 20 2012, at 6:10 pm
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  • Artist Jen Mazza has received an exceptional amount of press on her captivating and engaging (and may I add SOLD OUT!) show. Mazza's "book paintings" are meticulous while being romantic, dark, and even sexy. Mazza explains:


    "Because much of my work has taken inspiration from language and reading, the  idea of painting the  book seemed a natural progression. There  also  seem to be formal parallels; as in a painting, where form becomes the vehicle for content, the  

    book serves as the supexperience of reading.  The book is a place where the world of ideas and the physical world of objects merge."


    Watch Mazza talk about her inspirations for "The Words (Les Mots)" show, her love of Marcel Proust, and some of the neighborhoods of New York that have influenced her craftsmanship: