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Added by David Hill on February 24 2017, at 7:34 am
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  • With the number of apps we use daily increasing we are more and more getting app savvy everyday. We use all kinds of apps entertainment, productivity, utility and more. On the other hand when it comes to an App developer or App marketer the task of getting noticed among millions of apps is quiet a challenge.

    App promo or App promotional videos are used by many companies to connect with the user and pitch the benefits all in 30-60 seconds. Promo videos of apps significantly increase downloads. Each app is unique and so are its users, creating a good app video can definitely set you apart.


    Toshi is a personal finance and expense tracker app. Toshi Finance app helps you to make personal finances easy and fun. Track your expenses, budget, make sure your financial flows go as they should. This promo video shows how their app can help your worry less while spending smartly.


    StaySafe is an innovative smartphone app and cloud-based monitoring solution which provides personal protection for lone workers anywhere in the world. StaySafe protects the lives of employees within major corporations and small business alike, across any industry and over five continents. The promotional video shows the easy to use app and its rich features enabling personal safety.


    Here are Some Examples of mobile promo video examples






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