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Added by David Hill on March 25 2017, at 11:07 am
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  • Today we had a bomb threat. I won’t go through the details here, but instead I’ll go through a couple past drills that left an impression on me.

    The Columbine shooting happened during April of my first year of teaching, so I guess I should have expected some changes during my second year. I wasn’t prepared, however, for what my principal did. I love him to pieces, so I’m not criticizing, but I just wasn’t prepared for it. To really test teacher readiness for such an event, he dressed kids up in stage blood and had them run down different halls screaming “Gun! Gun!” None of us knew it was a drill.


    We were instructed to lock our doors until further instructions; pretty quickly, we were told to escort our students to the football stadium (that was still the protocol at the time). I escorted my crying, heaving, hyperventilating, VOMITING students to the football field. Some of my girls were absolutely inconsolable. The boys tried to play it cool, but I could tell they were pretty frightened. That principal never lived that one down; he also never did that again.

    During another drill (again, we didn’t know it was a drill), we were told to hunker in place. We did as practiced; we locked the door, covered the classroom window with paper, turned out the lights, closed the blinds, and hunkered down in the corner perpendicular to the door. One of my boys who had a LOT of internal rage crouched by the door with a pair of scissors. An administrator put his key in the door, opened the door, and very nearly got stabbed to death.


    Later, we were told admins can’t announce themselves because simply speaking aloud could alert a shooter as to their whereabouts, which makes sense, but we didn’t know that at the time. When my student lunged at the admin, I’m fairly certain I screamed.


    Wanna hear the craziest thing? Sometimes administrators would use a disaster drill as an excuse to have a small pep rally in the bleachers of the football field. We would arrive to our assigned spot, frightened, not knowing if the drill was real...and out of nowhere would come the cheerleaders and band, leading us in a pep rally. One time the band just played jazz music, and the kids danced. I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t be conflating disaster and pep.


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