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Drones listen in on bats to reveal their in-flight secrets

Added by David Hill on April 22 2017, at 5:45 am
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  • Bat-detecting drones could help us find out what the animals get up to when flying.  Ultrasonic detectors on drones in the air and on the water are listening in on bat calls, in the hope of discovering more about the mammals’ lives beyond the reach of ground-based monitoring devices.

    Drone-builder Tom Moore and bat enthusiast Tom August have developed three different drones to  while patrolling a pre-planned route. Since launching the scheme, known as  in 2014, they have experimented with two flying drones and one motorised boat, all equipped with ultrasonic detectors.

    The pair’s latest tests have demonstrated the detection capabilities of the two airborne drone models: a quadcopter and a fixed-wing drone. Last month, the quadcopter successfully followed a predetermined course and picked up simulated bat calls produced by an ultrasonic transmitter.

    The bat signal

    Moore says one of the major hurdles is detecting the call of bats over the noise of the drones’ propellers, which emit loud ultrasonic frequencies. They overcame this with the quadcopter by dangling the detector underneath the body and rotors of the drone.

    This is not such a problem for the water-based drone. Last year, Moore and August tested a remote-controlled boat in Oxfordshire, UK, and picked up bat calls thought to belong to common pipistrelle and Daubenton’s bats. The different species often emit .

    “The amount of noise coming from the boat is almost zero – that turned out to be a really fantastic platform for recording bats on the water,” says August.

    Since starting the project, the duo has experimented with a range of ultrasonic detection technologies. One lightweight detector from Peersonic produced exciting results early on. “We stuck it on the plane, test-flew it and that’s when we think we picked up our first bat call in flight,” says Moore. They are currently also using a detector by AudioMoth.

    The drones can hear the bats from around 20 metres away, so they aren’t thought to pose any danger to the animals.


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    This is some really innovative technology on display over here. I've been looking at some drone videos myself and have been rather pleased with the quality of them. They're advancing every passing day.

    April 25