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Web Project Makes it to Launch

Added by David Hill on June 24 2017, at 11:03 am
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  • The stakes have never been higher. As organizations focus more of their budgets on digital marketing initiatives, there’s greater pressure from clients and management teams to achieve success and measurable returns on investment.

    Our company was recently hired to rescue a full-scale website development project for a sophisticated digital startup. The organization had built a product with the intent of rolling it out to hundreds of thousands of users online. Unfortunately, its development partner couldn’t execute on the complicated software requirements. Rather than fess up to the client, the firm continued on a “death march” of sorts, ultimately getting fired and costing the client time, money and much-needed sleep.

    It should come as no surprise that more complicated projects may be developed in a more agile fashion. They require an experienced skill set to outline complex scopes of work and manage clients (and budgets) through an iterative process while avoiding roadblocks. Adding to the challenge, technology is evolving and increasing in complexity every day, so it’s easy for your team to find itself incapable of delivering what was promised.

    For a client, exhausting budget for an agile project before it’s functionally complete can be devastating. Avoid this by understanding the opportunity, determining whether your team or technology partner has the requisite experience to deliver on-time and within budget, and defining the scope with as much precision as possible.

    A roadmap is an effective tool for planning a project, allowing key stakeholders to visualize milestones, deliverables and important deadlines.

    By first creating a schedule, you can paint a realistic picture of how the project will go from the start. This ensures the client understands the ramifications of missing dates on either end and allows you to build in a cushion for the unavoidables, like team member sick days or delays on the client’s end. A schedule also provides clients with opportunities to provide feedback and approval before critical, irreversible actions are taken.

    But don’t stop there. Include a detailed project plan with your schedule to clearly outline client expectations at each milestone, what resources will be required on the part of the client, and the timing expected for review and approval of deliverables. Roadmapping the process will help to set expectations from the start.


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