Are Grey Kitchen Cabinets Better Than White?

Added by David Hill on June 24 2017, at 11:05 am
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  • There is no question that a white kitchen is the most desirable colour for painted cabinets these days.

    One reason is it is pretty hard to tell by looking at a white kitchen how old it is by looking at the colour of the cabinets. The kitchen will more likely be dated by the backsplash or the counter top.

    White kitchens are more likely to appear timeless. And timeless means you don’t need to update and renovate as often. It also often means you can sell your home for more.


    But more and more we are seeing grey kitchens featured in magazines and blogs.

    So, the question is can you still achieve a timeless look of a kitchen with grey cabinets instead of white?

    When choosing a grey to paint your kitchen cabinets, choosing a colour that works with the other features in your house is very important. Keep your all undertones of grey the same. Mixing undertones will instantly look too busy. This applies to floors, tiles and counters. If this is too challenging to match, you likely have too many undertones going on and should consider white.


    If you choose grey for your cabinet colour, be prepared for it to be the neutral colour of your kitchen. Cabinets generally take up a huge surface area in a kitchen. The other colours around it need to compliment the grey and be in limited amounts to be considered accent colours.

    Follow these rules, keep your backsplash and counters plain and your grey kitchen can be as timeless as a white one.


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  • RoseAtkinson

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  • Russell Perez
    Russell Perez

    It all comes down as a matter of preference and what suits your appliances. I have a gray electric smoker which compliments my gray marble kitchen and so, it's relatively all in harmony. 

    August 17, 2017