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NBA athleticism and tons of NBA Live Coins

Added by Lim on September 27 2017, at 6:41 am
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  • The last time Lonzo Ball and De'Aaron Fox met was one of the best games of the entire college season. Kentucky and UCLA, both loaded with NBA athleticism and tons of NBA Live Coins offensive talent, had a track meet of a college game that resulted in an awesome 97-92 win for UCLA.The game was the perfect combination of college atmosphere with NBA talent and pace, making it an ideal opportunity for scouts to evaluate Ball, Fox, and the other potential NBA guys on each team. The matchup between Ball and Fox was the headliner, and both delivered in their own fashion.Fox scored at will during the first half, but Lonzo turned it on in the second and made the key plays his team needed to win. Here's what the box score numbers looked like:PointsReboundsAssistsStealsBlocksField goalsThree-pointersTurnoversBall1467115-122-86Fox2029108-201-42In round two, the stakes couldn't be higher: the stage is the Sweet 16, the season is on the line. Kentucky and UCLA are each capable of winning the national title, but they have to get past the other first. It all starts with the matchup at point guard between a pair of projected NBA lottery picks.Lonzo needs to attack Kentucky in pick-and-rollOne of the most common critiques of Ball's game is that he cannot actually create offense in the Buy NBA Live 18 Coins halfcourt, and this flaw of his is largely hidden because of all the offensive talent around him that can shoulder the load. Against most teams, UCLA's "supporting cast" is more than capable of carrying the offense, but against a team full of NBA athletes, like Kentucky, things become more difficult, and Ball is relied upon more.Last time, he struggled to create for himself or his teammates, shooting an inefficient 5 for 12 from the field along with 2 for  MMOGO Inc.8 from three, and turning the ball over a whopping six times. A similar occurrencehappened in UCLA's last meeting with Arizona,


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