Relaunch of the MEXX Fashion Brand

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  • Relaunch of the MEXX Fashion Brand

    E-commerce is one of the highest priorities in MEXX's distribution strategy. Substantial investments have been made to develop and operate MEXX's own e-commerce platform. MEXX will also team up with e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, and the OTTO Group to drive e-commerce sales.

    As for physical distribution, MEXX has started to build up frontline organisations and country partnerships through a de-centralised market approach. This is aimed solely at markets where MEXX has been present for more than 25 years and consequently benefits from a high brand awareness as well as a historical consumer base.

    The main channel focus is on controlled distribution through franchise and department store environments, major multi-brand chain stores and a limited number of smaller stand-alone multi-brand stores. City classifications and potential market share will of course be taken into account in rolling out this strategy.

    From Fall 2018, MEXX will relaunch the brand in retail in Canada, France, Austria and the Netherlands. Belgium, Germany, the Middle East, the Russian Federation and Egypt are planned for Spring 19. The relaunch will be supported by opening flagship stores in Paris, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich starting from Spring 19 onwards. Possible market entries in India and China during the course of 2019/2020 are being discussed.

    An important element of the relaunch is the new, innovative, minimalistic and contemporary store and SIS concept designed by one of the world's leading architects, BOFFI DESIGN. MEXX will reduce their box formats to a 200-square-metre lifestyle box for controlled distribution.

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