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  • Bear is not the way to get runescape gold thereHere is a brief recap of some of thMark Cuban says Kevin Durant is the Thunders only superstar What about Russell Westbrook Hes an AllStar but not a superstar Tim MacMahon espn_macmahon April And here is how Westbrook responded points assists and rebounds per gameThat betters his career


    playoff averages of points assists and rebounds ing into the series The first dancing incident occurred before Game the only game Dallas won If the goal was to rile up Westbrook to the point his game suffered from there it didnt work In the final three games of the series Westbrook averaged points assists and rebounds per game The


    Mavericks poked the bear then got mauledCubans ments prior to Game were especially interesting Maybe he was just sharing his honest opinion or pandering to the media to give them a soundbite Or maybe he was making a slight at Westbrook hoping Russell would try to prove him wrong and throw off the Thunders offense with an


    alpha dog attack Coaxing Westbrook into forcing Cheap runescape gold things could be a recipe for success Instead Westbrook finished the Mavericks season with a performance of points assists and rebounds on shots Whatever Dallas was trying to do it backfiredRussell Westbrook may not be the king but he proved if you e at him you best not missHow



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