Do it But I'm worried RuneScape gold about the

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  • Do it But I'm worried RuneScape gold about the Wizards a little They lost Pierce Nene looks worn and everything points to this being a year of patience in anticipation of Kevin Durant's free agency I'm also unconvinced Wittman is up to the job of managing expectations in a conference that is wide open behind Cleveland You know how good teams


    experience trap games I feel like this is a potential trap season Or they could wingames and make the conference finalsFLANNERY I've gone back and forth on the Wizards this offseason In July I was touting them as the secondbest team in the East after Cleveland Now I'm skeptical for all the reasons you mentioned Losing Pierce was a


    psychic blow as much as a personnel one but that assumes that Otto Porter is ready The frontcourt is pretty thin and getting older As for Wittman I'm skepticalThat said I did like some of the other moves like adding Jared Dudley If John Wall continues his ascent and Bradley Beal has a breakthrough season then the Wizards could be a


    force And yet I have the nagging feeling that those 2007 runescape gold two things could happen and it still wouldn't be enough if Nene breaks down So yes this has TRAP written all over itLet's talk about Wall though I'm trying to temper my enthusiasm but I think he can be a top player soon like this year Is that too muchZILLER He's already a top


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