Cardinals and Rams this weekend

Added by xingwang on November 23 2017, at 2:20 am
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  • Cardinals and Rams this weekend This rival for the League of Madden Mobile Coins Nations West will be in a battle in London, which is the third game of the London Bowl series this season. Cardinals recent biggest change is the just-introduced former league "yards" Adrian - Peterson, as the team's new aid, Peterson first game facing the defensive strong Tampa Bay Buccaneers rushed 134 yards And cut down 2 touchdowns, offer their own vote of honor.


    Today, Peterson and Carson - Pamo and Fitzgerald formed the oldest "classic version of Trident", burnt out, better than eclipsed, in the face of the menacing Losangeles Rams, the three veterans Let's write a legend in London. After the Rams beat the Jaguar this season has made four wins and two losses, quietly sit on the top position in the country, champion Lang Jared - Gough after a season of experience from a slaughtered sheep has become An Tibetan antelope, under his leadership team offensive, defensive and secret service three groups take turns swarming one after another tough battle. This week the two teams across the Atlantic Ocean, in a foreign exotic arena or peck Blind ram, or ram knocked off the Cardinals let us and the war and see!