Cowboy left under the hope of theory,

Added by xingwang on November 24 2017, at 2:13 am
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  • Cowboy left under the hope of theory, started 30 yards line, but came up on the tackle loss of 8 yards, second gear 18 yards Bryant scored 13 yards, third gear 3 yards Prescott Ball was Barre Special destroyed, the defensive personnel ball directly into the end area to take the touchdowns, two points additional points easily fully connected, the cowboy was completely exploded. 37-9.


    The Cowboys last stroke, a 10-yard Prescott pass to Madden Mobile Coins find Williams scored the first attack, the next attack to find Butler scored the first attack. Second gear 3 yards, Bryant pick up the ball into the 15 yard line. Third gear 14 yards screen short pass failed to enter the terminal area, fourth gear play, Prescott challenge the terminal area, under pressure once again be intercepted, attack again failed.


    The Hawks attack, Clement first out of the danger zone, third gear 7 yards failed to get out of the first attack, consuming enough time to abandon. Cowboys choose to send bench, give up the game, the third gear failed to declare. Hawks play, quarterback kneeling to run out of time.