Staying healthy is the most important facto

Added by xingwang on November 26 2017, at 2:01 am
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  • Staying healthy is the most important factor for the Patriots to Madden Mobile Coins go further in the playoffs. The current patriots have pretty good depths in every position, and the impact of injuries is not significant. Even if Gelon can not play in the playoffs, Bennett can be in the red zone. In the field of external handsets, Edelman is in a good shape, Armandora has returned from injury and training, Hogan is stable, and Freud strives to show hope for a foothold in the team, and we can expect him to gradually recover in the playoffs Last season, the performance of the Cardinals, coupled with this year's rookie receiver Malcolm - Mitchell, the position of the patriots in the external does not lack talent.


    Run guard position, Blount, Lewis and White can run and pass the ball can provide a considerable number of tactical options. Brady? He is stable as always. Both the defensive team and the Secret Service have experienced state ups and downs during the season, but have adjusted their status to their best in the last few races of the season. For the playoffs contested, less mistakes can often determine the outcome of the game.



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