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WATCH: Lads try on ladies' sexy lingerie Fashion Dresses with h

Added by lingerie4 sale on December 7 2017, at 8:06 am
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    The Fashion Dresses hilarious clip shows a group of lads donning ladies' lingerie.

    They plus size bodycon dress try on everything from corsets to bodysuits before remarking they felt like "a fish caught in a six-pack of beer."

    One of the lads holds up a pair of knickers cheap evening dresses before saying: "What is this? I can see better through these than I can without."

    Another long sleeve rompers adds: "What is this covering?"

    A lacy srtwhg2ge nightie had one of the lads saying: "I feel like a lost stag, like someone who was in a stag party and then got left."

    FACTS/YOUTUBE plus size bodycon dress PRETTY: The blokes didn't seem too impressed with the underwear “I feel like a lost stag, like someone who was in a stag party and then got left” One of the blokes wearing the sexy underwear

    After struggling in and out of various sexy outfits, cheap evening dresses one bloke concluded: "There's too much effort involved. Just don't have sex."

    Another added: "Girls don't need that. Just be yourself. long sleeve rompers Feel comfortable in your body and I didn't feel comfortable in that."

    The hilarious video, made by Ireland-based group Facts with Ann Summers has gone viral, racking up over 68,000 views in just two days.

    One YouTube user commented: "In my opinion, they look way better in those things than most women I see."

    Another added: "So I imagine the next video has to be girls trying on men's lingerie?"

    FACTS/YOUTUBE AWKWARD: The guys tried on a variety of styles Victoria's Secret babes sexiest pics Elsa Hosk and Josephine Skriver and the Victoria Secret angels in their sexiest pictures. 1 / 120 Getty Images The Victoria Secret angel's sexiest pictures