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Sexy Evening Gowns Bonkers new lingerie made with Formula One t

Added by lingerie4 sale on December 7 2017, at 8:10 am
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    REDPIX/NEWSTEAM Sexy Evening Gowns HUGGING THE CURVES: Selina's lingerie line has won her an award

    Selina Bond, 23, beat four other teddy lingerie competitors to be crowned New Designer of the Year at the UK lingerie awards.

    The underwear babydoll lingerie uses carbon fibre moulds usually used to develop racing cars to ensure its shape is precision perfect.

    Now Selina, whose dad was a Formula srtwhg2ge 1 mechanic, has won praise from an expert panel of judges representing brands like John Lewis.

    teddy lingerie REDPIX/NEWSTEAM NICE BODYWORK: Models pose in carbon fibre lingerie “It can be formed so exactly to the feminine contours” Selina Bond

    She said: "My dad helps me create the carbon babydoll lingerie fibre moulds, which I then line with soft velvet. They are then lacquered to create a high shine.

    "Along with all the other students, I was encouraged to create something new and 'out there' for my project.

    "This is where I first designed my carbon fibre body and then the idea has just grown.

    "It took me four months to complete my collection and the longest time was spent making the carbon fibre moulds and my lingerie."

    REDPIX/NEWSTEAM MERCEDES BENDS: Selina's designs were inspired by her dad – a former F1 mechanic

    Selina added: "I love working with this material, because it can be formed so exactly to the feminine contours in a way that produces a very dominant image.

    "My new collection will still feature my signature carbon fibre and lingerie pieces.

    "But I will be adding new lingerie pieces such as soft bras, bodices and harnesses, as well as carbon fibre accessories." Britney Spears sexiest pictures Britney Spears shows off her sporty figure in racy pictures. 1 / 64 Instagram Britney Spears stuns with a boobtastic beach reveal, crowning her Queen of nipples

    For Selina, who lives in Kettering, Northants, her win brings the confidence to pursue her own path.

    The former De Montford University student said: "I was so thrilled to have been shortlisted let alone win, I'm still in shock and so happy.

    "It gives me confidence in my designs and has made me push forward in my unique style and branding."