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Noah Scalin - Natural Selection

Added by Benjamin Krause

Event Details

  • Time:
    October 17, 2013 3:00:00 PM EDT to November 23, 2013 4:00:00 PM EST
  • Location:
    Krause Gallery
  • Street:
    149 Orchard st (LES)
  • City/Town:
    New York
  • Website or Map:
  • Phone:
  • Latest Activity:
    September 15, 2013

Event Description

“Natural Selection” - Noah Scalin
Noah Scalin is a published author, a professor, a father, a public speaker, a business owner
and of course an accomplished artist. Krause Gallery is inspired by his work and proud to
have his second exhibition at the gallery in NYC.
Noah Scalin’s work explores the theme of transience – specifically the temporary nature of
individual lives and the tenuous nature of all human life on the planet. By using everyday
items, including mass produced consumer goods & found materials, he repurposes things
that would normally end up in the ever-growing garbage dumps of the world, allowing them to
tell a story of the potential long-term impact, both positive & negative, of human creations.
And like human lives, his installations are intentionally temporary, reverting back to their
component parts after a short lifespan, only to exist in memories and photos after they’re
The Natural Selection portrait series specifically explores the lives of great scientists whose
work has had an incredible impact on the world. Each diptych is made up of the portrait of a
deceased scientist and a representation of his/her skull. The skull is made by literally
rearranging the elements used in the portrait, thus destroying that original creation. The
scientists represented are all great thinkers whose creations had an impact on our lives today,
but also serious repercussions for their own lives (and deaths):
• Charles Darwin (1809- 1882): developed the theory of evolution known as natural
selection, which he based in part on observations of birds in the Galápagos. The
theory was nearly universally accepted by scientists by the time he died, but has
been consistently reputed by religious fundamentalists ever since.
• Nikola Tesla (1856-1943): prolific inventor, developed alternating current (AC), was
hugely famous in his lifetime, but died impoverished and in debt and mostly
• Albert Einstein (1879-1955): developed general theory of relativity and the most
famous of all equations, but died refusing to accept the concepts behind quantum
mechanics, saying many times “God doesn't play dice with the world”
• Alan Turing (1912-1954): developed the concepts that led to modern computing,
and was fundamental in cracking Nazi codes in WWII, but was persecuted by the UK
government for his homosexuality and ultimately committed suicide.
• Marie Curie (1867-1934): developed the theory of radioactivity and fundamentally
changed modern physics and chemistry, becoming the first woman to win a Nobel
Prize. Extended exposure to radiation from her work ultimately caused her death
and to this day her papers are so radioactive they have to be kept in lead-lined
boxes and only handled while wearing protective gear.
For further information, to preview the exhibition or to arrange an interview with the artist,
please contact:
Benjamin Krause
212-777-7799 (gallery)
404-290-6329 (cell)
Photographs and hi-resolution images available on request. ##
“Einstein Diptych” – 40”x30” - Photograph on alu-dibond, plexiglas face



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