"Great Promise"

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<span>Cuarentena </span> by Dalia Ferreira <span>Inner Strength</span> by Marco Gavrilovic <span>The Maid</span> by Sean Dufrene <span>Bathos49</span> by Tim Hussey <span>Merging the Doppelganger</span> by Jenny Morgan <span>I Confess That (I Don’t Value Myself/I’m Too Good 4 U)</span> by Andrea Mary Marshall <span>Deconstructed 3</span> by Marco Zamora <span>Mojo Hand</span> by Nicholas Forker <span>Let Me Through</span> by Anya Rubin <span>Video *Home System+ Art No. 2 & 3</span> by Zac Braun <span>The Night Is Coming (poem)</span> by Mathew Heller