BEGIN:VCALENDAR PRODID:ARThood VERSION:2.0 METHOD:PUBLISH BEGIN:VEVENT UID:436:Event:267 DTSTAMP:20180720T22931Z SUMMARY:Benjamin Krause DESCRIPTION:Krause Gallery presents “62 Collections,” the first sol o exhibit of Michael Mapes at the gallery and in NYC. The NY artist examines new subjects and subject matter in two related series of work that intersect unique process and artistic profundity. Mapes's portrai ts are an extension of his ongoing “Human Specimens” series, portra iture that analyzes the physical and biographical attributes of the art ist's subjects. Alongside “Human Specimens,” the artist presents a new series of work examining the elements of vanitas, a type of 17th century still life that served as a reminder of mortality and the triv ial nature of earthly pleasures. By deconstructing historical and conte mporary symbols of vanity, Mapes has created his own intricate and medi tative survey of the vanitastheme. In the shared setting of the gallery , the two series work to both complement and contrast each other. One o ffers a delicate perspective of life, the other highlights its imperman ence. In both series, the artist explores ways to push the scientif ic metaphor that has become proprietary to his work. Referencing foren sic, entomological, and biological sciences through shared materials an d compositional conventions, Mapes encourages a reading of the work tha t is informed by a pseudo-scientific framework with artistic intention. As the curator Brian Hannon wrote, “His unique appropriation of tr aditional ideas on portraiture and taxonomy convey the inherent tension between a methodical objectivity and an unavoidable psychological subj ectivity.” Mapes applies his unique form of classifying and organizin g content to these dimensional collages, which seem equal part art and scientific specimens. For further information, to preview the exhi bition or to arrange an interview with the artist, please contact: B enjamin Krause 212-777-7799 (gallery) 404-290-6329 (cell) http://www /KrauseGalleryNYC Photographs and hi-resolution images available on request >>> DTSTART:20100912T160000Z DTEND:20101017T220000Z CATEGORIES: LOCATION:Krause Gallery WEBSITE:Krause Gallery URL:Krause Gallery CONTACT: ORGANIZER: ATTACH;FMTTYPE="image/jpeg": /1000/267/80085.jpg ATTENDEE;ROLE=REQ-PARTICIPANT;PARTSTAT=ACCEPTED;RSVP=TRUE;CN="Michael M apes - "62 Collections"": END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR