BEGIN:VCALENDAR PRODID:ARThood VERSION:2.0 METHOD:PUBLISH BEGIN:VEVENT UID:436:Event:281 DTSTAMP:20180523T224533Z SUMMARY:Benjamin Krause DESCRIPTION:New York – The Krause Gallery presents “Emerging to Est ablished” (January 6th – February 26th) Reception: January 6th - 6-8pm. Group Show: Artists: Sage Barnes, Andre Veloux, Nick Smith, D enial, Paul Kaptein, Icy and Sot, Robert Sagerman, Thirsty Bstrd, ASVP, The Guys with the Same Name, Bri Cirel, Abby Elizabeth, Joe Suzuki, ku nstrasen, Benoit Jammes, Scott Wolf, Mark George, Constans, Adam Lucas, Ryan Monahan, David E. Peterson, Matt Colagiuri, CB Hoyo and more. Krause Gallery will give new and emerging artists the opportunity to s how in a gallery setting as well as display the new work by the galleri es established artists. "We are encouraging all artists to explore a c reative approach with their new works". The exhibiting artists range fr om national to international with a broad range of mediums. From Ben Fr osts satirical jab at consumerism to Hanksy's tongue and cheek puns, "E merging to Established" plans to capture a snapshot of the current cont emporary art scene. For further information, to preview the exhibiti on or to arrange an interview with the artist, please contact: Benjami n Krause 212-777-7799 (gallery) benjami Photographs and hi-resolution images available on request. ## DTSTART:20100912T160000Z DTEND:20101017T220000Z CATEGORIES: LOCATION:Krause Gallery WEBSITE:Krause Gallery URL:Krause Gallery CONTACT: ORGANIZER: ATTACH;FMTTYPE="image/jpeg": /1000/281/81916.jpg ATTENDEE;ROLE=REQ-PARTICIPANT;PARTSTAT=ACCEPTED;RSVP=TRUE;CN=""Emerging to Established"": END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR