BEGIN:VCALENDAR PRODID:ARThood VERSION:2.0 METHOD:PUBLISH BEGIN:VEVENT UID:436:Event:292 DTSTAMP:20180620T125758Z SUMMARY:Benjamin Krause DESCRIPTION:Introducing a completely new series of work, British artist Nick Veasey has departed from his familiar x-ray prints. While x-rays are still the mainstay of his art he now introduces more provocative an d political messages through the overlaying of icons and symbols. Th e symbols or icons are ‘tagged’ or spray painted in colour to the f ace of the frame which then cast a dropped shadow effect onto the black and white x-ray which is spaced behind the spray painted face of the a rtworks. This relates to Veasey’s constant reference to superficialit y and looking beyond the surface that is prevalent in all his work. The coloured symbols and icons serve, both metaphorically and physicall y, as another layer to the artist’s obvious disquiet about society’ s obsession with commerciality and superfluous consumerism. The subject s he confronts include our reliance on technology, religion driving soc iety apart, the human and financial cost of war, the democratic right t o protest… It’s not all serious comment though, as amongst the poli tical statements there is wit and irony. Nick Veasey, born 1962 is a n artist that uses x-ray technology and potentially dangerous radiation emitting equipment to create art. His work resides in museums and gall eries all over the world. Within the last year he has had major retrosp ective exhibitions at Fotografiska Stockholm, the world’s largest pho tography museum and at the Seoul Arts Center, South Korea. DTSTART:20100912T160000Z DTEND:20101017T220000Z CATEGORIES: LOCATION:Krause Gallery WEBSITE:Krause Gallery URL:Krause Gallery CONTACT: ORGANIZER: ATTACH;FMTTYPE="image/jpeg": /1000/292/83058.jpg ATTENDEE;ROLE=REQ-PARTICIPANT;PARTSTAT=ACCEPTED;RSVP=TRUE;CN="Nick Veas ey - "Symbols and Icons"": END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR