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Windows 10 promises not to automatically download updates behind

Posted by Maiya Wilson On September 13, 2017

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Microsoft has responded to a lawsuit from a German consumer agency by promising not to repeat its initial approach to Windows 10 upgrades.Microsoft was heavily criticised during the initial roll-out of the next-generation operating system.Between mid-2015 and mid-2016, during the promotional year when customers could claim a free upgrade to Windows 10, Microsoft preinstalled 6GB of data on users’ machines.
The 6GB data dump was designed to make installing Windows 10 faster, however, there was no obvious way for users to opt-out of the preinstall if they did not want the upgrade.Microsoft was also heavily criticised for pestering its users with pop-ups and dialogues boxes about the new software.
This somewhat forceful approach led to a bevy of lawsuits in the United States, with disgruntled Windows users complaining about their computers upgrading automatically – resulting in damaged and lost data.
In Germany, regional consumer protection agency Verbraucherzentrale Baden-Württemberg sued Microsoft. 
Verbraucherzentrale announced last week there will be no ruling after the case made its way to the Munich regional court.However, Microsoft voluntarily agreed to halt the offending behaviour.
Consumer watchdog Verbraucherzentrale Baden-Württemberg said that thanks to Microsoft's pledge the company is "obliged to avoid placing installation data for new operating systems on Windows users' hard drives without their permission". "We would have wished for an earlier backing-down, but [Microsoft's statement] is a success for consumer rights in the digital world," said Cornelia Tausch, who heads up the regional consumer authority.

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