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What you do have to take care is customer satisfaction

Posted by petcups On October 23, 2017

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But what you do have to take care is customer satisfaction and delight and public attention as much as you can go for.Sitting at a local coffee shop in Holborn, I was marveling at the idea of selling something that we can so easily make at home, and also making immense profit out of it months after months, years after years.


All I am trying to say is, there are business opportunities hidden in simple things in life. One does not need a treasure full of money to set up. You can do with a small investment as well. You say We sell original Arabic Coffee and you say it every where you can, in every possible media and there you are! You get public attention.

When people hear about you and decide to check out your shop, you give them an ambiance with the warm aroma of coffee, comfortable lounges, artistic furniture complete with cosy cushions and a scrumptious menu to choose disposable plastic cup, pet cup from with highly courteous attendants all that just puts a smile on your customers' faces. Perhaps every little thing and every little concept has potential business opportunities hidden in each of them.

Something as easy as making coffee and selling it, can do such great business opportunities and earn millions and millions of pounds is an exceptional concept. One of the main reasons for such things to do well is how you place them in the market. And that just brings my notice to the fact how things are marketed and hyped about, so much that they just click. And not just coffee, there are hundreds of other little things that are doing so well in the market which we never even imagined would sell cold drinking cup few years back. This delightful experience brings them back to your coffee shop and you have the business up and about

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