Christmas gifts get a Vegas theme with the Complete

Posted by suit On November 8, 2017

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For KidsChristmas is made for kids (ages 1-99) - so distract them from telly repeats with the latest games - personalised Monopoly, Hedbanz for Kids, Charades for Kids...GrandparentsLast, but by no means least, your lovely grandparents! After years of popping you sweets and pinching your cheeks, why not thank them with some special christmas gifts this year.) in which case you might want to offer an adrenaline rush with the Helicopter Buzz Gift flight! Just make sure there's a strong cuppa waiting when she floats back down to earth, with the 'one sugar or two' personalised mug'.. Regardless of the superb Christmas gifts you bestow, remember to tell your fab Mum you love her with a little note under a 'I love my Mum' paperweight.It is really that time of year again?! Summer's passed (yes, sorry guys - that was it), the kids are packed off to school again. For himNo excuse for novelty socks and flashing ties this year.. Cheers everyone. but so often end up in a last-minute panic, trolley-dashing around the shops at closing time on Christmas eve!Well come on! This year make it easy on yourself - get cosy with a cuppa, settle down at your PC and buy your Christmas gifts online! You can find a huge array of quirky, individual and downright fabulous Christmas gifts without even getting out of your pyjamas - and you certainly won't need to trudge around the shops with heavy bags in the rain! Bob - as they as say - is your Uncle!For herFor the woman who has everything, why not bring out her inner starlet and try personalised Christmas gifts - a 'Hollywood Hills' Mug or a personalised diary (so she can write about how wonderful you are).


No more wilting poinsettas from the garage please! How about sending her to a relaxing mud cleanse in a Rasul Steam Vault Spa? Or if she prefers her detoxes to come after the treats, perhaps a vintage picnic basket filled with goodies, wine tasting Trolley Cart at an English vineyard, a West End Theatre and dinner for two, or an Experience choc day? Or maybe your Mum's hankering for adventure (there's a Bond girl in all women somewhere. Get the hankies out with a personalised copy of the 'This is Your Life' famous red book, or a 'from me to you' Grandad Journal - or maybe celebrate their love of the garden with a 'Grow it wild' kit of wild flowers or a Fruit selection box..


Christmas gifts get a Vegas theme with the Complete Poker Night set and a 'Build Your Own' Lamborghini kit! Budding stars will love strutting around in an 'Xtraordinary' X-Factor t-shirt (just don't let him wake up Granny with the karaoke machine) or get their pulses really thudding with a trip to Goodwood for a Ferrari driving experience! You can then keep their dreams of superstardom alive with the innovative 'You're a Legend!' personalised football commentary! Watch his eyes sparkle as he 'grows his own' Wembley Stadium pitch while listening. Bless.. or invite in living-room chaos with the ultimate juggling gift set! Quirky children will enjoy a bag of funky stripy 'Billy odd socks', or encourage their creativity with a 'create your Own' Christmas cards set. And if the happy tears are now flowing over your truly fabulous selection of Christmas Gifts, bring out the personalised mulled wine gift set (with your own name on perhaps?) and toast in the festive season. Budding scientists will love the unusual 'Moon Jar', storing the day's sun and 'converting it' into a soft moon glow at night, and if you'd like to give your little angel a helping hand towards a glittering future, why not give them the 'I'm going to be a superhero - and this is my Backpack Trolley plan' notebook, sit them in a corner with a mince pie, and pass them a pen. You might also want to get the party swinging with her name splashed over a bottle of wine or champagne - or provide thrills and adventure with one of 40 'experience' day packages.. You'll need to break the spell to get some help with the Christmas dinner though - provide a bribe and lure him into the kitchen with a wee dram of his very own personalised whisky..aww.. (just humour her though if those lovely Christmas gifts go to her head and she becomes a bit diva-ish!)When it comes to Mums, christmas gifts truly need to be special.. and suddenly the festive season is on the horizon! Each year we dream of giving our loved ones wonderful and thoughtful Christmas gifts.

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