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Posted by DMT On January 26

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Discovery Litigation Services (DLS) is a litigation support services company with a focus in providing court reporting and other ancillary services such as videography and translation services. They provide these services in depositions Hassan Whiteside Heat Jersey , arbitrations, trials and hearings across the United States as well as abroad as the situations arise.

DLS was founded by Alexander Gallo in January of 2012. While DLS is a more recent name to the litigation services arena, Alexander Gallo is no recent entrant.

Alexander Gallo first entered the litigation support business in the late 1980s as a court reporter. After more than ten years as a court reporter focused on complex litigation, he founded his first court reporting business in Atlanta named Alexander Gallo & Associates.

Alexander Gallo & Associates culture was one of providing such a high level of service to its clients that it would create a relationship that put them in the position of being viewed as an indispensable partner to the law firms they served.

With the culture driving the service level of the company, Alexander Gallo then focused on utilizing the latest technology to deliver products meant to create efficiencies for their clients.

Alexander Gallo & Associates delivered the right blend of service and technology and experience and saw tremendous growth. In 2003 Alexander Gallo acquired SetDepo, a nationally branded court reporting business.

While SetDepo was successful with the model they deployed, Alexander Gallo saw the markets changing and looked at its first acquisition as an opportunity to take a well-respected brand and completely change its operation business model. After acquiring SetDepo, Alexander Gallo changed its model, walking away from 100% of its current revenue stream, and deployed what he saw as the direction the market was going.

The acquisition was a success, and SetDepo realized tremendous growth. With the SetDepo acquisition under his belt, Alexander Gallo went on to acquire companies across the nation, building the largest court reporting focused business in the nation.

After a sale of the business, Alexander Gallo later went on to found Discovery Litigation Services, LLC. Taking the experiences learned from over 20 years in the business and applying them in the ever-changing landscape, Alexander Gallo is once again experiencing tremendous success and growth.

DLS’s focus on the culture of delivering the highest level of touch to its client is paramount to its success. Add to that the leading technological services it delivers to its clients, Alexander Gallo is once again leading another company to become the nation’s leader in providing court reporting and ancillary services to the legal community.
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