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We have an excellent selection of top-notch pot products for you to use as Medication or for recreational purposes — enjoy! The Online Cannabis Supply  is an online marijuana collective with one stop pot shop located in Los Angeles – California, and  Washington – District of Columbia. We have other hot spots around the world.
We stand for marijuana legalization, with our proprietary organic growing techniques we make cannabis products free of harsh chemicals and safe for our clients. The Cannabis Online Dispensary uses rich soils and lots of hands-on care ensure a natural product of exceptional quality and flavor.

 We Deliver to all States in USA, Canada, UK, Europe with quick, discreet and secure services.If you have questions, please contact at info@onlinecannabissupply.comEmails are answered within 24 hours, Monday – Sunday

 WHAT IS OUR MISSION ?THE ONLINE CANNABIS SUPPLY Buy weed Online | Buy Marijuana Online | Cannabis Online Dispensary
    Dedicated to making fine Cannabis, Cannabis oil, Medical Marijuana for YOU suffering from Cancer, Chronic pain and other related diseases available across USA since 2011!
– High quality grade marijuana delivered to your door
– No medical ID card needed
– Super stealth double vacuum sealed shipping
– Bags that weight properly. You won’t get shorted! 
MEDICAL MARIJUANA STRAINSTop Grade = These are well-grown, higher-end strains. Potent, fragrant, tasty and clean-burning. You can request a mixed variety of strains. Now You have the change to buy weed online with The Cannabis Online Dispensary.
Mid Grade = Decent quality, more generic strains. Less flavor and potency than the Top Grade. Usually only one or two types of Mid Grade are available at a time.
Low Grade = These buds will be outdoor-grown, or lower-quality indoor buds. We usually only have one Low Grade strain at at time. We also offer the “Shake Blend” as a Low Grade option, it’s a mix of all our bag-ends from the Top and Mid Grade strains.

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High grade Medical Marijuana |  buy Weed Online | Cannabis extracts |  cannabis oil, Phoenix Tears, CBD oil | Concentrate, Hashish, Tintures, and Cannabis Edibles
Top Grade Medical marijuans Strains – You can Now Buy Marijuana online with no Medical Card
Jack Herer (mostly sativa)Northern Lights#5 x Skunk#1 x Haze. Quite possibly the most awarded strain around, Jack Herer is named after the late hemp proponent and activist and author. It is well known for both its cerebral high as well as its very strong body high.
Organic Bubba Kush (indica)Tight dark green nugs. Tasty nose, burns terrifically. Level-headed energetic high.Zed (cross)This is super kush cross. OG Kush x Hashplant. It is indica dominant and very strong. An energetic and fun high. Medium to small sized,light-green dense nugs. Great deep hashplanty nose.Trainwreck (mainly sativa)Bred by Greenhouse Seed Company – Solid, Tight, Light green buds with orange hairs coated in crystals. Fresh light lemon nose. Stone hits hard, yummy taste – clean burning.Organic Purple Kush (indica)Crystally purple hued nugs. Clean kushy nose. Smooth smoke and a reliable steady high.Sour Kush (cross)Well cured, big buds – This is a super tasty strain that will not lay you out like the typical kush. A cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush. You need to try this. You’ll like it.
Mid Grade StrainsC-Warp (cross)Top shelf out-door. A cross between C-weed and Time warp. Medium sized, super citrus buds.
CBD Strains
These strains have been bred have a high level of CBD. They have about a 50/50 THC/CBD ratio. They do have some psychoactive effect, but they won’t get you “high” or “stoned’ in the same way as the marijuana you’re used to.
CBD strains are best for people who want medicinal effects but also want a clear head. We recommend these strains for relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, spasms and other conditions. Now Used as Medication – Medical marijuana online
Quantities of some varieties are limited. We reserve the right to substitute your CBD order for another CBD strain if necessary.
Sweet and Sour Widow (cross)The strain, from the BCD crew has a ratio of 1:1 CBD, to THC. Medium to large sized buds, with plenty of orange hairs. Buds have a distinct but pleasant nose with a sour onion fragrance. The smoke is smooth and easy, making you feel the same.
So go ahead and enjoy browsing the selection. We assure you that this web site is real  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us directly by clicking here. We do ask that you please read through the site first as most questions are answered in here.

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