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Posted by DMT On March 6

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TIRANA adidas nmd high top , Feb. 6 (Xinhua) -- Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama declared that second-level banks have agreed to provide soft loans for the flooded areas in the country, Albanian Daily News reported Friday.


"The government will not avoid any obligation regarding the people affected by floods. The compensation will be at 100 percent. The political attacks against the government must end, because we took measures for this emergency before the rain even started," Rama declared.


Rama underlined that the weather in the next two days will not be favorable.


Head of Albanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nikolin Jaka spoke at a joint press conference with several businessmen about the creation of a donators' group to express the solidarity and the support to all evacuated families.


In cooperation with the national Emergency Staff adidas nmd runner womens uk , Chamber of Commerce put in disposal a fund to buy food and clothes to families.


Albanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry also announced the establishment of a working group for the coordination and the allocation of donations, which will be in direct contact with the Emergency Staff in order to address at real time the needs of families in need.


The Albanian southern cities of Fier and Vlore and the rural areas flooded massively during last week, caused by heavy rains and overflow of Vjosa and Semani rivers.


NAIROBI, July 16 (Xinhua) -- Kenyan runners Peter Kirui and Josephat Bett hope that doubts over Olympic double champion Mo Farah from the Commonwealth Games will boost their chances of landing gold in Glasgow when the games start on July 23 to Aug. 3.


Track and field competition starts on July 27 adidas nmd trainers uk , but Bett and Kirui are itching to get their medals for the first time after a long period.


"It is not that I wish Farah to miss the Games. It becomes better when you win against a strong competition. But I have been out for sometime now and I believe it will be good to make my return with a win," he said.


"I have done well in training and Farah is just like any other athlete and he is beatable. I will not discuss his case, but let see how we fair on the track," said Kirui Wednesday in Nairobi.


Both Kirui and Bett will be making their second shot at the international championships representing Kenya at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games next week.


Kirui adidas nmd trainers sale , last featured in the Kenya team at the Daegu (South Korea) World Championships over the 10,000m while Bett last show was a junior in Poland back in 2008, when he won gold in the longest distance on track.


Both faded off the stage and have emerged with resolve to redeem their career and the Commonwealth Games offers both a platform to achieve just that.


"I think we have been away. Personally, I have tried on several occasions since I was a junior. But I was never lucky. Now I have my chance yeezy boost 650 uk ," said Bett.


The duo will team up with Charles Cheruiyot over the 10,000m distance and the likely absence of the England international has boosted morale in the team.


Farah said he is just getting back into training after staying out with abdomen pain. He declined to confirm if he will be fit for the Commonwealth Games.


Gideon Chirchir, Kenya's head coach, however pointed out that he is preparing his squad for the big test without focusing on any individual athlete.


"They have to realize that competing at the Commonwealth Games is not by chance. They merit to be in this team and everyone is looking upon them to deliver the results yeezy boost 550 uk ," Chirchir said.


"But we will not be focusing on Mo Farah alone. He is a good athlete, but the net must be cast wider. Surprises are not inevitable and it is important that Kenya prepare for the 10,000m distance, knowing that Farah will be running too. It is in their country and he has to be there yeezy boost 750 uk ," he added.


Kenya athletes returned to training after the government agreed to pay them their bonus and the coaches have signed with relief, saying they can now concentrate on the job at hand.


The team had sat out on Tuesday from training to force the government to pay them 1.2 million U.S. dollars for the games.




RIO DE JANEIRO, July 26 (Xinhua) -- The Brazilian authorities confiscated on Tuesday a shipment of cocaine and crack, wrapped in plastic bags, bearing the Olympic rings and the logo of the Rio 2016, according to police sources.


The drugs were found in a house in the central neighborhood of Lapa in Rio de Janeiro, including 93 doses of cocaine, 28 of crack and 13 40-caliber bullets, the use of which Brazil has outlawed outside of security forces.


Beyond the Olympic logos, some of the drugs were also wrapped in bags featuring the logo of a well-known drink brand.


In recent years, Brazilian police have seized a number of drug shipments featuring the names and images of football stars or sports events.


Australian authorities said Thursday that new analysis confirms they've likely been searching in the right place for a missing Malaysian airliner.


Searchers have been combing a 120,000-square-kilometer (46,000-square-mile) part of the Indian Ocean since last year but have yet to turn up any trace of Flight 370. A wing flap was found in July on the other side of the Indian Ocean adidas ultra boost uk , washed up on remote Reunion Island.


The new analysis by an agency of the Defence Department confirmed "the highest probability" the final resting place for the plane is within the current search area, the government said in a statement.


Australia's Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said the new analysis pointed to the aircraft most likely coming to rest in the southern part of the current search area, so searchers would focus on that location and slightly widen the boundaries of their search area there.


"We remain hopeful, indeed optimistic yeezy boost 350 womens uk , that we will still locate the aircraft. There's around 44,000 square kilometers yet to be sea. Cheap Jerseys China   Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale   Cheap NBA Jerseys China   Cheap Replica Jerseys   Cheap New NHL Jerseys   Cheap Football Jerseys   Cheap NCAA Hockey Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale Soccer Jerseys 

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