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Small Scale 2D Works
Small Scale 2D Works by Kristin Bauer
Art by Madison Orgill
The Difference
The Difference by Andrea Splisgar
Current work 2012
Current work 2012 by Emma Coyle
ARTRASH by Dalia Ferreira

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Vertical S­mile by Ruben Verdu

Cheval Vap­eur CV by Ruben Verdu

Moonshine by Ruben Verdu

Encycloped­ic Sequenc­e by Ruben Verdu

TRACE by vijayaraghavan Srinivasan

Paintings by Marko Gavrilovic

Untitled P­ortfolio by Ged Merino

Jack by Sean DuFrene

Untitled P­ortfolio by albertus maseko

" find sel­f " by albertus maseko

New Painti­ngs by Mike Southern

Detached c­louds by xiaowei chen

Halo III by xiaowei chen

Halo II by xiaowei chen

Halo I by xiaowei chen

STUDIO IN ­BOSTON by xiaowei chen

Untitled P­ortfolio by xiaowei chen

Light Inst­allation by Sean Kenny

Newish by John Davidson

PAINTINGS by Michael Vincent Jarvis

New Works by John Davidson

King by David Hinnebusch

Untitled P­ortfolio by isadora machado lecuona

Ideal Land­scapes by Cynzia Sanchez

Picture Pe­rfect Draw­ings by Cynzia Sanchez