Artist: Andrea Splisgar
Title: Chapter 4
Year: 2007
Description: THE DIFFERENCE ‘How to... THE DIFFERENCE ‘How to celebrate surviving in 8 chapters’ In the state between being and non-being, The possible becomes everywhere real, The real becomes ideal, and this, in art’s free imitation, is a dream at once terrifying and divine! Hölderlin About A place of stagnation – full of untouched history – a haunted house, uninhabited and unchanged for decades. A daughter from this house steps into this world full of obscure memories; always a stranger in this world of her childhood, she remains alien to these surroundings; feeling like someone otherworldly, she submits herself to this setting – as if she were returning to a scene from which she had only been able to remove herself through the power of imagination. An encounter with the relics of this time in eight chapters – once hastily abandoned, now facing each other again. Eight scenes in which emotions and gestures become visible, elicited by the surroundings and the memories associated with them. A radical physical presence paired with an acute emotional state experience each other on the stage of the past/childhood; attempt to tolerate each other in an unnerving way; attempt to communicate, throw shadows at each other, put themselves in a new light, try to conquer the phantasms... the bizarre testimonial of an impossible equalization. The 8 Chapters are an unauthorized biographical interpretation of authentic events and just as every real event takes on an almost fictional character in our memories, so the result here is meant to make that much clearer the contradictory nature of the story. Survival is only possible through self-invention! Idea, mise en scene, art direction, performance: Andrea Splisgar Photograph: Eva Maria Ocherbauer Production: Der Mondäne Tiger Contact:
    • Category: Photography
    • Subject: Performing Art


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  • Andrea Splisgar
    Andrea Splisgar THE DIFFERENCE ‘How to celebrate surviving in 8 chapters’ by Andrea Splisgar     CHAPTER 1     Relation with the invisible CHAPTER 2   The society-disturbing play with the atmospheres CHAPTER 3   The first...  more