Description: LOCATION: The Lab Building at... LOCATION: The Lab Building at Miami, Florida MEDIA: Wood, Paint, Acrylic, Vellum, Computer Controlled LEDs SCALE: 12 feet x 6 feet x 1 feet YEAR: 2006 DESCRIPTION: Terraforms is a site-specific art project created for The Lab Projects in conjunction with lemon sky: projects + editions. It is exhibited at The Lab, a leading advertising and promotional agency in Miami, Florida. The title of this project was inspired by the scientific theory and practice of terraforming. This is a process that reshapes a natural environment in order to better support life. Through the use of technology such as irrigation, verdant farms are created in the middle of deserts, and land previously uninhabitable becomes not only fit for settlement, but also fertile for cultivation.


  • Grimanesa Amoros
    Grimanesa Amoros great sound s like a plan
    April 1, 2010
  • jes evangelista
    jes evangelista this is fabulous ...hope to meet you in new york when i visit this june
    April 1, 2010