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February 28, 2018 at 06 PM - Krause Gallery

Global Village 2012 Nederlands, Marko Gavrilovic live painting film by Arno Rollenberg

Added by Marko Gavrilovic February 17, 2012

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Global Village an exhibition IRL. Artist from Earth met at Projekt 072 till 11-03-12 their art is exhibited. 07-07-12 - 15-07-12 Chateau de Sully, Bourgogne, France. 10-08-12 - 15-09-12 Kulturhuset Bronden, Kopenhagen, Denmark. Marko Gavrilovic started at the exhibition opening night, with a 'live' painting.
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  • Jameel khan
    Jameel khan

    I have watched the 1st film on the topic of Live painting which direct and written by Arno Rollenberg. This is really unique or creative idea which need to be used in the film which is good source to convey the message to the common people. I have a site which have similar kinds of ideas published on almost every week which i think good for students.

    October 31, 2017